45 Funny Tattoos That’ll Make You Snort With Laughter

If there’s anything funnier than bad tattoos, we haven’t seen it yet. From stupid misspells to terrible looking drawing, we’ve all seen one, and some of us even have one!

If you’re in the market for a tattoo make sure that you think carefully before simply tatting. Tattoos are designed to last a lifetime and can be very hard to erase if you get it wrong! So definite must dos before getting a tattoo include thinking a little while about it before you get your design, choosing your tattoo artist carefully, making sure that you’re not drunk or under the influence when inking, and checking any spelling before you get it permanently done in ink!

If you’ve got a terrible tattoo that you need to cover up you have exactly two options – laser removal and a cover up job. Laser removal can take many sessions, be very painful, and can be expensive too. A lot of the time a cover up job cost be most cost effective and easy. Tattoos with a lot of black ink in them are the hardest type to cover up.

We wanted to check out some bad tattoos that we found so you know what you need to avoid doing in the future. Our list contains some funny ones, some silly ones, some gross ones, some terrible ones, and some odd ones.

We’ve found 45 of the baddest tattoos for you to get a laugh out of so check them out below!

This Ridiculous Pacman

funny tattoos tattooeasily (52)

We all know and love Pacman right? So why is this design showing Pacman blowing out the brains of one of the ghosts? Why doesn’t he just wait to chomp down on a fruit so he can eat him? What is this tattoo? It doesn’t make sense! Arrggg!

This Girl Leading Zombie Scene

funny tattoos tattooeasily (53)

Someone must really love zombies, at this tatt is just a little bit silly. While we can appreciate the style of the tatt, we just don’t know why you’d want this particular design inked on you for ever and ever. Oh well, there’s always laser removal, isn’t there?

This Chick’s Swaggy Ovaries

funny tattoos tattooeasily (54)

We really don’t know where to start with this one. “I’ve got the swag pumpin out my ovaries” – WTF! From the knuckle dusters to the gun this design is a straight up mess. The only thing that should be pumping out your ovaries is babies missy, and we sure hope that you’re not planning on procreating any time soon!

This Back Corset

funny tattoos tattooeasily (55)

Unfortunately this design looks like it has faded a lot over time. Not only that but the corset wearer has put a few pounds on over the years making her corset a little droopy over on the left hand size there. Really it’s just boring and looks like a bunch of lines. A floral corset may have been a much better choice!

This Edgy Arm Scene

funny tattoos tattooeasily (56)

Why did the wearer get a horizontal piece down the size of her arm so we have to turn our heads 90 degrees just to look at it? While the design itself isn’t that stupid, the orientation is. A certified tattoo fail.

This Light Bulb Moment

funny tattoos tattooeasily (9)

While we’re all for those clever light bulb moments in life, this clearly wasn’t one of them. Considering the top of the bright orange jumpsuit we can see in the picture and the mugshot background, this guy has obviously made some other poor decisions in life too.

This Spelling Treat

funny tattoos tattooeasily (10)

F.. E.. A.. R.. L.. E.. S.. Love heart???? Dude you had eight knuckles there, there is enough to put the final S in Fearless! Tragic spelling mistakes can strike anywhere at any time. Make sure that you always Google words before you tatt up!

These Exquisite Eyebrows

funny tattoos tattooeasily (11)

Many women tattoo their eyebrows on to save them time when doing their makeup in the morning. It’s a good idea for those that are sick of using a pencil. This, however, is not the right way to do it.They look like the little caret that you put above letters in French. Eyebrow fail.

This Clever Mask

funny tattoos tattooeasily (12)

This young man has taken some inspiration from the silence of the lambs and tattooed his face up much like Hannibal. Is it to show he’s fierce? Scary? A man eater? Unfortunately he just looks stupid and regretful. Let’s hope he’s happy with his choice.

This Mustache

funny tattoos tattooeasily (13)

Can’t grow your own mustache? Why not get it tatted onto your inner upper lip instead? This guy saves himself the humiliation of having it tatted onto his actual upper lip because he can hide it when he closes his mouth. A great tattoo to get for those who want no visible tattoos!

This Your/You’re Mixup

funny tattoos tattooeasily (14)

No matter how many times you check YOUR tattoo, if it has the word your/you’re in it, make sure that you have the correct spelling otherwise YOU’RE going to look like an idiot. Lucky for this girl, we think you could squeeze in an apostrophe and an e and no one would be able to tell the difference.

This Meme Tatt

funny tattoos tattooeasily (15)

If we remember anything from the internet, it’s our favorite memes. Although why anyone would want to tattoo this particular meme ‘Ain’t nobody got time for dat!’ on their body is an absolute mystery. We’re guessing the other arm has Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up on it.

This Grower Not a Shower

funny tattoos tattooeasily (16)

Ahhh Pinnochio. They say that when he told lies his nose would grow. Obviously this man knows that he is a grower not a shower, so he’s surreptitiously placed Pinnochio right above his junk. A very classy move. His girlfriend must be very unimpressed when he starts telling the truth!

This Horrifying Armpit Scenefunny tattoos tattooeasily (17)

For why has this gorgeous girl got a terrifying scene of a shark eating a baby in her armpit?? Why is she smiling about it? Would an armpit tattoo tickle? I guess we will never know the answers to these questions.

This Human Checkerboard

funny tattoos tattooeasily (18)

Fancy a game of checkers? If so just get this guy to pass out on your table. By the state of his eyes we think he may not have been in his right mind when he decided to turn himself into your local Italian restaurant’s favorite tablecloth.

This Ironic Pair

funny tattoos tattooeasily (19)

We kind of like this one just due to it’s silliness! Keep your chin up with a guillotine? Lol! Hang in there with a hangman’s noose? Too funny!

This Celebration of Delicious Food

funny tattoos tattooeasily (20)

While we fully advocate icecream as a delicious food, and even the odd icecream tatt, we’re not quite sure that the side of the face is the best place to stick your ode to the delicious king of dairy. This icecream looks particularly delicious though, because it is sparking lightning. No words.

This Bug’s Life

funny tattoos tattooeasily (21)

Eye spider with my little eye… Why oh why did you spider with your little eye! This guy is giving up the creeps with his tattooed spider monocle. The between the brow piercing that he has looks so sweet in comparison to this ugly mess. Just. No.

This Amusing Stump

funny tattoos tattooeasily (22)

Amputation must absolutely suck so we salute this survivor tattoo completely! Somebody did indeed cut below the dotted line!

This Where the Wild Things Are Tribute

funny tattoos tattooeasily (23)

Dude, you’re 37. Why do you have a scene from a kid’s book on your arm?

This Sad Panther

funny tattoos tattooeasily (24)

Don’t ever get your friend who just practiced on their foot before to draw you up a tattoo. It’ll end up looking like this sad mess for a tatt that you’ll only have to end up covering or removing. Or ending into bad tattoo competitions.

This Tattoo Recovery Tatt

funny tattoos tattooeasily (25)

Oh the ode to Bepanthen… Healer of tattoos everywhere. Although you must really, really like the tattoo recovery process to get a tatt of the healing cream actually on your body. What. The.

This Monopoly Mistake

funny tattoos tattooeasily (26)

Sure, we all love playing a game or two of Monopoly (except when it starts family fights), but why would you dedicate your entire arm and shoulder to the game? How about a neat little Mr Monopoly somewhere else? How about the wheelbarrow? How about the boot? No? Go directly to jail.

This Stitch Tatt

funny tattoos tattooeasily (27)

Someone like there childhood cartoons just a little bit too much we think! Come on, surely Pokemon is a little bit cooler than Stitch?

This Guy!

funny tattoos tattooeasily (28)

Oh my god, I found him! Oh course, Waldo’s just been chilling behind this guys nipple all along. This tatt looks fresh so it’ll be interesting to see him hiding amongst the chest hair later.

This Duck Pair

funny tattoos tattooeasily (29)

We have just one word for this – Why? Obviously this means something to the model but we are left scratching our heads clueless as to what it all means. And you know what? We couldn’t give two ducks!

This Clever Leg

funny tattoos tattooeasily (30)

Another funny amputee tatt, this ‘One foot in the grave…’ piece is a total crack up. It good to see that losing a leg doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of humor too!

This Webbed Toe

funny tattoos tattooeasily (31)

Who needs surgical intervention when you can get a witty tattoo instead? While some folks with webbed toes head into surgery, this chick is proudly showing hers with a cut here line – and we love it!

This Ironic Hand Tatt

funny tattoos tattooeasily (32)

While we are sure that the owner of this tatt actually DID plan ahead his hilarious ‘Plan Ahea” knuckle tatts are just too funny to resist.

This Lower Back Tattoo

funny tattoos tattooeasily (33)

For those who always wanted a lower back tattoo but couldn’t decide on what to get, this might be your next tattoo! You’ve got to admire the commitment to humor here as that is one ugly tatt!

This Amputee Tattfunny tattoos tattooeasily (34)

Don’t worry, this person’s toe has just gone to market, it’ll be back soon!

This Hungry Giraffe
funny tattoos tattooeasily (35)

While the majority of this tattoo looks very normal, a giraffe extending the length of the guy’s torso, it’s what the giraffe is doing at the top that’s a bit silly. If you look closely, the giraffe has it’s tongue extended to lick the nipple! Whaaaat!

This Moon Landing

funny tattoos tattooeasily (36)

That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for man kind! What is it with people getting tattoos that are based around their nipples? This one is particularly odd. It’s nice that the model was feeling very patriotic though.

The Cover Up Job

funny tattoos tattooeasily (37)

While this guy must’ve really loved Chantelle at some point in time, since her name is on top on his heart, it is obviously no longer the case. The big fat VOID stamp is a good idea for those that need erasing someone’s name from their body and don’t have the cash to spring for laser.

This Mr Potato Head

funny tattoos tattooeasily (38)

This is one way to cover up a mole! Notice how Mr Potato Heads body has the dark tinge of a mole underneath and his feet, arms, ears and hat don’t? Not a choice that we would make for a tattoo, but you’ve got to give them credit for covering up an unwanted body feature!

This Tribal Tattoo Save

funny tattoos tattooeasily (39)

There are a lot of guys and girls walking around these days with massive tribal tattoos on their bodies that were very popular in the 90s. Unfortunately, due to the amount of ink used on the they can be notoriously hard to cover up or get rid of. This particular model has taken matters into their own hands and added a disclaimer instead – *I was 17 at the time. Ahhhh.. it all makes sense now.

This Zoidberg Tribute

funny tattoos tattooeasily (40)

Love Futurama? Who doesn’t! This guy was obviously so keen on Futurama that he got Zoidberg tatted across his foot. Although Zoidberg’s mouth does look an awful lot like toes, this tattoo seems just that little bit to silly. Plus, who likes Zoidberg more than they like Bender anyway?

This “Eff you, Mom” Neck Tatt

funny tattoos tattooeasily (41)

“Yeah Mom, I’m considering getting a neck tattoo”
“Brandon don’t be ridiculous, if you get a neck tattoo you’ll be unemployable!”
Next minute…

This Test Tattoo

funny tattoos tattooeasily (42)

For those that start a tattoo and don’t know where they’re going with it… This one’s for you. Please ignore this tattoo!

The Best Fixup

funny tattoos tattooeasily (43)

For anyone who’s ever experienced the dreaded spelling mistake tattoo: this one is for you. As you can see the double spelling errors of the first have been turned into a teacher’s fix up job in red ink below. A clever way to cover up a really botched up tattoo!

This Bday Tatt

funny tattoos tattooeasily (44)

Est. 1995. Well whoop de doo! You’ve now got the year that you were born emblazoned across your chest. Now if you ever forget how old you are all you will have to do is to look down.

This McDonalds Drive Thru

funny tattoos tattooeasily (45)

We’re not sure if this chick really loves McDonalds, or if she considers her backside a drive thru, but either way this tattoo is just a whole lot of nope. Do not get any fast food references tatted up.

This Waving Kitty Design

funny tattoos tattooeasily (46)

What is even going on in this design? You’ve got the lucky waving kitty but it looks like a dog, and then it’s sitting on a present, and then there’s a monster down the bottom…? Hey, at least the style flows!

This Cool Hot Dog

funny tattoos tattooeasily (47)

Have you ever seen such a smooth hot dog? Now while we said no fast food tatts, we can make an exception for this silly design.

This Hot Babe

funny tattoos tattooeasily (48)

While we’re sure the initial picture of this chick was banging, the tattoo version is absolutely terrible. Possibly the least hot tattoo chick we’ve ever seen!

This Crack at the Seven Dwarfs funny tattoos tattooeasily (49)

Why, why, why would you get a tattoo around your crack??? This is both hilarious and atrocious. And why are there only six of the seven dwarfs? Has the other one slipped inside the passage? We don’t want to know!

This C*ck Sucker

funny tattoos tattooeasily (50)

This guy has sex scenes playing out on his belly and the words ‘C*ck sucker’ written across him too. Surely he’s just lost a whole bunch of bad bets?

This Family Tradition

funny tattoos tattooeasily (51)

It must’ve been this guy’s family tradition to grow a mustache but he wasn’t able. We’re sure that the rest of his family are tickled pink that he’s following in the long line of family tradition now.

And there you have it guys, 45 of the baddest tattoos around. Our favorite ones were the mugshots and face tatts – a definite no go in our opinion! Although tattoos are becoming more and more popular, we think faces are best left alone – unless it’s maybe a tiny little out of the way tattoo somewhere. The EMPLOYABLE neck tattoo was quite a winner when it came to funny ones too!

So, what did you think? Were they bad enough for you? Which one did you think was the worst? Do you have any bad tattoos that you’d like to show use? Let us know what you think by adding to the comments below.

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