23 Popular Hipster Tattoos

Tattoos are an incredible form of self expression and a way to symbolize things that mean the most to us in the form of artwork that we carry on our bodies. While there are many different kinds of tattoo styles and interesting works of art that people choose when getting tattoos, some groups choose various tattoos for different reasons. Hipsters, which are a subculture that has become rather mainstream over the course of time, choose various forms of art which they tattoo on their skin for a variety of different reasons. Many of which some may find intreguing or uncomprehensible without explaination.

Sleeves and Hearts

Many hipsters will decide to choose shapes as well as more intricate sleeves as their tattoos of choice even if they don’t appear to go together. These tattoos are more for self-expression and possess a deeper meaning to the wearer than what simply meets the eye. For example, the sleeve tattoos paired with the heart shapes on the palms.

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Iconic Sayings and Symbols

Another common tattoo of choice made by hipsters are based on iconic sayings from their childhood represented through symbols and words. This tattoo is a perfect example of this as the saying ‘To infinity and beyond’ being represented by the infinity symbol as well as the words ‘& beyond’. While this can be done numerous different ways, this is one of the better examples of the idea.

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Popular Movie Art

In the leg tattoo below you will first notice the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, as well as further down to the calf Johnny Depp’s interpretation of the Mad Hatter from the 2010 released Tim Burton version in which Alice faces the Jabberwocky. Not only does this show a love of the film but possibly for Johnny Depp as well.

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Mountain Scenes

Other popular hipster tattoo choices are that of a favorite photo or painting. Things from famous classical art pieces have been done to a simple photo that the person had taken themselves. Another popular choice for hipsters is the artwork that their own children did in which they proudly sport their crayon drawings of endless creation.

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Tattoos of feathers can technically be found on a variety of different people, however hipsters take this to a whole new level by only having a single feather done. Other popular choices when getting feather tattoos include obtaining a quill and ink jar, or a feather being used as a quill to write out a saying or phrase that means something to the person.

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Interesting Sleeves

Many hipsters choose to have a black and grey sleeve done of something more intriguing such as a family crest or a shield, other ideas include that of armor or some other delicately detailed design. These tattoos may not seem like much other than cool art to viewers, but to the wearer it is important.

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Dreamcatchers have caught the eyes of many hipsters over the years and are becoming increasingly popular with those who are trying to achieve a dream or reach a goal. These individuals are usually women and have the feathers done in various bright colors rather than the traditional black and grey that we are used to seeing.

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Geometric Shapes

One of the most popular choices in hipster tattoos is that of geometrical shapes being done in dual or tri- colors as seen below. While this could be an attempt at creating a more 3D effect to the shape, the breakdown is more of a design styled piece than something that can simply be deciphered.

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Favorite City

There are many hipsters that get tattoos to pay homage to their favorite cities, and this leg tattoo certainly fits that idea to the letter. Whether it is Portland, Chicago, New York, or LA, everyone has a favorite city that they hold dear, why not get a tattoo to remind you?

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One of the most popular tattoos that hipsters have gotten is that of the Infinity symbol for many reasons. They turn this symbol into a variety of memes as well as a symbol for various shows and movies that they have enjoyed over the years.

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Finger Moustaches

The moustache on the finger is yet another hipster tattoo that has been gaining traction and popularity with many people today. This trend began as simple permanent marker drawings on the side of one’s finger, into a tattoo that many people today have gotten simply for smiles and fun.

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While owls have a variety of meanings behind them, especially in tattooing, hipsters enjoy the mystery that owl tattoos leave those who see them. This particular forearm tattoo is not only incredibly detailed but possesses a deeply mysterious vibe that makes you wonder what this owl means to the wearer.

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Collective Sleeves

It is growing ever more popular, the sleeve of various tattoos that to others may seem random, but to the individual wearing the sleeve it holds a far deeper meaning. Many of these tattoos are of the American traditional style, while others appear to be a far different stylization. However the collection of stars, birds, hearts, and so much more suits this sleeve in the eyes of the individual.

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Tattoos as well as outlines of roses are growing popularity with hipsters as the need to leave them unfilled speaks volumes. While each person you speak to with an unfilled tattoo may have a different reason for the empty space in the lines, some hipsters believe it represents the emptiness that they feel. Others however think it best represents their lives and how there is no need to fill the empty space.

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Unfilled Forearm

As before, some hipsters prefer to simply obtain outlined works for more representational reasons. This is another good example as this individual’s forearm possesses many unfilled works, including the bold lined roses that appear to be the focus of this image.

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Triangle with Antlers

Used for various hand crafted products, bands, and other interesting things, this symbol of a triangle with antlers is one of the newer hipster choices. Whether the individual chose this for symbolic reasons or simply due to its uniqueness is hard to say. However it speaks volumes to those who may better understand its true meaning in the hipster culture.

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Abstract Geometric Lines

Line patterns as well as geometric patterns are a hot staple in hipster culture due to their simplicity and stylization. While many hipsters enjoy this style of body art, others will aim for far more intricate geometric shapes than others.

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Wish Bone

Hipsters mostly enjoy retro or things that remind them of their childhood. This individual may be aiming to represent the luck that is provided to the person with the longest portion of the wish bone, or the fond memories of participating in the breaking of a wish bone.

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Symbols and Finger Tattoos

It is becoming more and more popular for hipsters to obtain finger tattoos of symbols as well as ancient styled runes, text, and images. While some are paying homage to their own culture, others are showing off the cultures that they most enjoy or take the most interest in. It is also intriguing how many of these symbols are thin, almost hieroglyphic styled.

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Elk and Arrow

While animal tattoos are particularly popular with many people, hipsters seem to take a fancy to animals that either remind them of themselves or of their childhood. This particular tattoo could provide the reminder of an event in the life of the wearer or a more emotional aspect that would otherwise be unclear without explanation. The elk also possesses a meaning of strength and endurance in many cultures and could remind the wearer to be strong.

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Artistic Watercolor Eye

Hipsters are known for their artistic choices in tattoos and this particular eye tattoo is no different with its watercolor like artistic design. The realism along with the variety of colors could play into the vibrancy that the wearer feels or their love of seeing the beauty in the world around them. Other reasons for their choice could stem from their passion for art or, more specifically watercolor painting.

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Tribal Wolf Design

The wolf carries a variety of meanings including strength, intelligence, and a need for freedom which all suit this tattoo beautifully. Not only does it possess the realistic style that appears more commonly on a variety of people, but possesses an artistic and feminine touch through the floral lines seen on the right half of the design. The artistic side possesses not only feminine flowers and lines, but also a touch of tribal inspiration that is easily seen throughout the right half of the wolf’s face.

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Golden Arrows

While arrow tattoos are popular with hipsters, they carry a variety of different meanings that can truly only be described by the wearer. Even though this particular example is that of a temporary metallic tattoo, the wearer could have chosen it because they liked the design or for a deeper meaning that they intend to one day make permanent.

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