100 Dark Black Tattoo Design Ideas to Think About

Dark black ink tattoo designs are not only classic, but offer up a variety of different design options that you won’t see with color tattoos. For instance, the depth and shading in a dark black tattoo are more noticeable and provide a certain feel that colored tattoos lack. You also have the option for open outlines as well as filled or shaded images which will give you more options as well. Since many individuals love dark black ink tattoos, here are 100 images for you to use as inspiration if you are thinking about getting this style of tattoo for yourself.

1. Hearts

Heart tattoos are fairly common, however this beautiful tattoo is certainly one of a kind.

black tattoo designs (1)

2. Roses

You may find many roses in black and white, though this particular tattoo stands alone due to the framing surrounding the rose.

black tattoo designs (2)

3. Opposites

Here is another option for you as this tattoo possesses many different artistic techniques to provide the image including pointillism for the shading.

black tattoo designs (3)

4. Black Mandala

While mandala tattoos are common, the amount of black surrounding this piece isn’t. Not only does this make it unique but creates an entire back piece out of a single tattoo.

black tattoo designs (4)

5. Dark Black Ink Collection

There are some people who love dark black ink tattoos and will possess a collection of them such as this sleeve which has many examples within it.

black tattoo designs (5)

6. Snakes

These snakes are done in both black as well as white creating a yin-yang feel to the piece, however the dark black one possesses shading where the other does not.

black tattoo designs (6)

7. Values

Black ink offers the wearer of a design more value options in the shading, where color tattoos use a blending technique to create depth rather than value.

black tattoo designs (7)

8. Poppies

These poppies are a perfect example of a dark black tattoo and the value used when shading the piece.

black tattoo designs (8)

9. Black Out

This design may look like a cover up, but these kinds of tattoos are fairly common with dark black ink tattoos and provides a simple design option.

black tattoo designs (9)

10. Moth

Other design options that you will find include that of moths and butterflies, though most people prefer them in color some find the beauty in the black designs.

black tattoo designs (10)

11. Life and Death

Whether you prefer color over black ink or not, you will never be limited in your possibilities when choosing a design that you like.

black tattoo designs (11)

12. Lips

While different, this tattoo offers another beautiful example of the possibilities that await you with a dark black ink tattoo.

black tattoo designs (12)

13. Realism

A great deal of realism is possible with dark black tattoos because of the ability to work the ink in a variety of ways to create an image.

black tattoo designs (13)

14. Bands and Outlines

This black band contains the line work for a floral design, but due to the darkness of the band the floral pattern stands out far more than it would in any other color.

black tattoo designs (14)

15. Dark Outlines

Only dark black can allow for the dark depth that is necessary for these kinds of designs as other colors won’t provide the lifespan that black ink does.

black tattoo designs (15)

16. Flowers

This flower tattoo, like other dark black ink tattoos, possesses many things you cannot get from colored inks and will last far longer.

black tattoo designs (16)

17. Pinky Swear

The fun nature of this tattoo makes you think about finger prints as much as the nature of the pink swear.

black tattoo designs (17)

18. Mixed

Just because a tattoo is created from dark black ink doesn’t mean that color cannot be used, but rather that it causes the colors to seem brighter.

black tattoo designs (18)

19. Galaxy

In this interesting tattoo only black ink is used and possesses an unrealistic feeling while commemorating something the wearer loves.

black tattoo designs (19)

20. Cactus

Outline tattoos always look better in dark black.

black tattoo designs (20)

21. Peonies

Believe it or not there are many floral tattoos that possess no color and only dark black ink.

black tattoo designs (21)

22. Gradient Line

This line tattoo shows a gradient effect along the spine, but offers up a variety of thoughts about the design.

black tattoo designs (22)

23. Framed

Dark black offers the ability to frame other designs in an interesting way as well as offer a focus to the design.

black tattoo designs (23)

24. Hidden

This tattoo offers a great deal of shading that highlights and shadows various portions of the design.

black tattoo designs (24)

25. Darkened Circle

Here is another great example of the highlighting that is occurring when a tattoo, including simple outlines, are framed by black ink.

black tattoo designs (25)

26. Bound

The nature of this tattoo design requires the help of the wearer, but certainly says a great deal about the design.

black tattoo designs (26)

27. Reversed

While the flower in this design is mostly left open and unfilled, outside of the triangle is dark black offering framing.

black tattoo designs (27)

28. Elements and Trees

This tattoo offers black and grey images done in dark black ink with a variety of shading to create a single piece out of different elements.

black tattoo designs (28)

29. Cleopatra

Not everyone is an Egyptologist, but this Cleopatra-like image provides you with a wide array of ideas outside of animals and plants.

black tattoo designs (29)

30. Bouquet

This beautiful piece shows off a smoother gradient in the shading than seen in previous examples.

black tattoo designs (30)

31. Sea and Sky

No matter what the design, dark black ink can be used to create it.

black tattoo designs (31)

32. Head in the Clouds

Even fun tattoos such as this aren’t off limits to a great tattoo artist.

black tattoo designs (32)

33. Honey Comb

But don’t be deceived at the simplicity of some black ink tattoos as they are not only time consuming but take patience and care.

black tattoo designs (33)

34. Spiral

No matter what the shape or shading needs of the design, black ink is an amazing option.

black tattoo designs (34)

35. Solid Bands

Even though some look pretty bare, these tattoos can make a statement and mean a great deal to the wearer.

black tattoo designs (35)

36. Leafy Black Outline

Leaf designs are best outlined in black due to the ease of getting the outline to stand out.

black tattoo designs (36)

37. Night Sky Band

Small details are easily done in dark black ink through the use of shading and delicate application.

black tattoo designs (37)

38. Moon Rose

The detail seen in this rose and moon tattoo is done through the use of different needles to create shading as well as the line work.

black tattoo designs (38)

39. Lighthouse

Various shading techniques offer a unique look to your dark black tattoos.

black tattoo designs (39)

40. Space

The pointillism in this piece offers a different take on various light sources.

black tattoo designs (40)

41. Moth

This tattoo of a moth on this girl’s shoulder possesses more realistic shading than what would be offered with other colors and techniques.

black tattoo designs (41)

42. Inked Cat

There are many different techniques used when creating dark black tattoos, like with this inked or watercolor styled cat.

black tattoo designs (42)

43. Wednesday

No other techniques can create this Wednesday Adams-like tattoo.

black tattoo designs (43)

44. Henna Style Tattoos

These designs are very representative of what you would find in a henna tattoo.

black tattoo designs (44)

45. Blooming Roses

Realism in tattoos is complex but dark black ink makes shading seem more delicate.

black tattoo designs (45)

46. Kitty

This kitty tattoo is another perfect example of the shading capabilities with dark black ink.

black tattoo designs (46)

47. Leafy Flower

Delicate line work looks perfect in dark black ink.

black tattoo designs (47)

48. Opposites

You can even find inspiration in opposite style tattoos using black ink.

black tattoo designs (48)

49. Kitty Face

Choosing a dark black ink design doesn’t eliminate color from the equation, but rather that black is more prominent.

black tattoo designs (49)

50. Lotus

Some designs offer a particular feeling to the design and remind us of special traits.

black tattoo designs (50)

51. Sketch

Some designs look better in a certain style and may need the dark black ink to better fit that style.

black tattoo designs (51)

52. Half Skull

This skull tattoo while only being half a skull is amazingly detailed.

black tattoo designs (52)

53. Mixed Pattern

This mixed pattern design provides many visual effects.

black tattoo designs (53)

54. Skeleton

There are many unique designs like this skeleton haloed by lilies.

black tattoo designs (54)

55. Paw Prints

For those with missed pets these designs are common and are usually bordered by the name of the pet.

black tattoo designs (55)

56. Floral Outlines

Outlines are not completely common, but are normally done in dark black.

black tattoo designs (56)

57. High Detailed Bands

Using a small needle, works of art can be created with ease in black ink.

black tattoo designs (57)

58. Heart and Flowers

This piece wouldn’t be as well shaded if the outline was done in any other color.

black tattoo designs (58)

59. Life Tree

Life tree tattoos are best suited in a yin-yang style.

black tattoo designs (59)

60. Mermaid

Unique designs like this mermaid in a can may inspire you to consider options outside of color tattoos.

black tattoo designs (60)

61. Variety of Flowers

Designs allowing for a variety of something are best for those who intend to obtain a sleeve.

black tattoo designs (61)

62. Totoro

You may also want to take your passion into account.

black tattoo designs (62)

63. Micro Tattoos

Micro tattoos are another option for completely black ink tattoos.

black tattoo designs (63)

64. Back Piece Collection

Once you get one black ink tattoo you may find you will want many others like this image.

black tattoo designs (64)

65. Moon Man

Other classic designs like this man in the moon can be done with black inks.

black tattoo designs (65)

66. Tree

Black ink is perfect when obtaining tattoos of trees as the ability to get fine details can be easy without bleeding of ink colors.

black tattoo designs (66)

67. Paisley

Even paisley patterns look beautiful in black.

black tattoo designs (67)

68. Zen Lotus

Though lotus designs are becoming more prominent.

black tattoo designs (68)

69. Leg Sleeves

If tattoos on your arms not your style, you can put them on your legs instead.

black tattoo designs (69)

70. Dark Mandala

Even mandala tattoos look gorgeous in black ink.

black tattoo designs (70)

71. Bear

You may also find some who choose animal tattoos with a realistic touch.

black tattoo designs (71)

72. Hands and Heart

Delicate shading is important when creating realism in black ink designs.

black tattoo designs (72)

73. Matching

Why not try getting a matching design with a loved one or a friend.

black tattoo designs (73)

74. Realism Floral

While time consuming, if you have a love of flowers then trying a floral sleeve is a beautiful option.

black tattoo designs (74)

75. Spiders

The spiders don’t seem to fit due to lack of shading, but the design looks amazing.

black tattoo designs (75)

76. Nautical

Sometimes you should simply consider a theme for your tattoos.

black tattoo designs (76)

77. Maple

Is there a symbol that means a great deal to you? Consider it for your dark black ink design.

black tattoo designs (77)

78. Pine

Pine trees are tall and noble, as well as look beautiful in black ink.

black tattoo designs (78)

79. Match

You can also consider the same design on two different spots on your own body.

black tattoo designs (79)

80. Nature

Whether you like animals or plants, nature based tattoos always come out beautiful.

black tattoo designs (80)

81. Concepts

You can always draw up a concept sketch that will let you pick a variety of ideas and create a single image.

black tattoo designs (81)

82. Sail Away

When you choose a passion in a tattoo, you can really choose anything, even ships.

black tattoo designs (82)

83. Cat’s Cradle

More unique designs include this one of a pair of hands playing cat’s cradle.

black tattoo designs (83)

84. Mermaid Skeleton

Even the bones of mythical creatures are an option for different tattoos.

black tattoo designs (84)

85. Bouquet and Feathers

You can create your own bouquet in your design complete with flowers and feathers.

black tattoo designs (85)

86. Stockings

These ships may be at a standstill but the appearance of stocking tattoos are rare.

black tattoo designs (86)

87. Beetles

Even rarer are that of tattoos consisting of beetles other than lady bugs.

black tattoo designs (87)

88. Zen Designs

Some other ideas include that of more Zen designs like the mandala and lotus.

black tattoo designs (88)

89. Bones

Bones are an interesting subject and you can show off your knowledge by tattooing your skeleton above the skin.

black tattoo designs (89)

90. Holding Hands Outline

The two child-like hands reaching for one another is not only beautiful but can be left unfilled to keep its beauty.

black tattoo designs (90)

91. Shadows

For more creepy designs think of shadows and things that put others on edge.

black tattoo designs (91)

92. Treasure

While a bit more provocative, this tattoo is beautifully done.

black tattoo designs (92)

93. Bark

Some people like flowers while others prefer trees.

black tattoo designs (93)

94. Land Bound

This tattoo’s style is a bit old school in the sense that it makes you think of a paned window.

black tattoo designs (94)

95. Double Owl

Black is the only color that these owls could appear this magnificent in.

black tattoo designs (95)

96. Bound

Symbolism is important in the design that you choose to ensure you enjoy it more every day.

black tattoo designs (96)

97. Cat Skull

Everyone has different tastes, but this tattoo is certainly different and offers up a new point of view.

black tattoo designs (97)

98. Memorandums

There are many types of memorials, though they are best when put into words.

black tattoo designs (98)

99. Reaper

Tattoos of this variety are left for motorcycle clubs as they are always traveling by bike.

black tattoo designs (99)

100. Moon Phases

The phases of the moon are another wondrous choice to those who love astronomy.

black tattoo designs (100)













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