100 Hardcore Black Tattoo Designs To Ink

Over the years tattoos have become even more awesome than we could ever have imagined. With new technology comes techniques that all you to get not only creative tattoos but ones that look real against your skin. It is now possible for you to get a hardcore tattoo that seems to defy the possible.

The tattoos that are available now are so amazing that they seem to break all the norms of convention. The goal is to have a tattoo that you can showcase for all the world to see. There are so many amazing tattoo ideas out there; you may just have some trouble choosing just one of them. Check out these 100 Hardcore Black Tattoo Designs To Ink:

  1. Creative Changes

This awesome tattoo design starts out pretty simple but then it changes into a detailed design. It’s definitely a cool looking heart design.

black tattoo designs (1)

2. Dark Designs

If you don’t mind your tattoo design looking super dark, then try out this unique rose design.

black tattoo designs (2)

3. Geometric Designs

How cool are these geometric tattoo design? They are definitely eye-catching designs.

black tattoo designs (3)

4. Back Tattoos

This is a very detailed and exquisite tattoo design. If you are looking for something that covers your whole back, then consider this design.

black tattoo designs (4)

5. Sleeve Design

This sleeve design is stunning and the great thing about sleeves is that you can really personalize them.

black tattoo designs (5)

6. Black and White

If you like the dark idea of good and evil, then this might be a tattoo design that you can try out.

black tattoo designs (6)

7. Unique Perspectives

This tattoo design is going to have everyone around you mesmerized.

black tattoo designs (7)

8. Soft Flowers

Sure they are black, but there is no outline to these flowers which gives them a softer look.

black tattoo designs (8)

9. Blacked Out Design

This is definitely a hardcore design because you are basically covering your whole arm in solid black ink. Make sure you are ready for that kind of commitment.

black tattoo designs (9)

10. Cool Butterfly

This is not just any old butterfly design, it’s very creative.

black tattoo designs (10)

11. Bold Designs

There are a lot of different messages with a tattoo design like this one. If you are looking for a conversation piece, then this is the tattoo for you.

black tattoo designs (11)

12. Bite the Lip

This is a unique and fun tattoo that you can flirt with.

black tattoo designs (12)

13. Realistic Designs

This is a gorgeous tattoo design that looks like art.

black tattoo designs (13)

14. Interesting Badge

This is definitely an eye-catching design to try.

black tattoo designs (14)

15. Message Designs

Tattoos that have messages are always creative.

black tattoo designs (15)

16. Ribcage Designs

This is a pretty design that covers your ribcage.

black tattoo designs (16)

17. Cool Elements

This realistic design is cool and eye-catching. If you want something that is sure to draw the eye, then this is it.

black tattoo designs (17)

18. Add Some Color

This unique geometric tattoo design has the color on the inside of the triangle and everything on the outside is left black.

black tattoo designs (18)

19. Fun Designs

This is a unique and fun way of having a tattoo design that is truly original.

black tattoo designs (19)

20. Small Tattoos

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be large to be hardcore. Cactuses are hardcore too.

black tattoo designs (20)

21. Floral Tattoos

Floral tattoos are one of the most popular designs that you can get. black tattoo designs (21)

22. Unique Designs

You won’t see a tattoo design likthissi one every day.

black tattoo designs (22)

23. Bold Images

This is a cool idea because it’s like seeing an image through a magic mirror.

black tattoo designs (23)

24. Unique Sleeves

This is just one of many cool designs that you can do for a sleeve.

black tattoo designs (24)

25. Cool Moths

A unique moth design that you are sure to love.

black tattoo designs (25)

26. Strong Designs

Some tattoo designs have strong message to them and those are our favorites.

black tattoo designs (26)

27. Cool Designing

This is another cool geometric design that has the image changing from the inside and outside of the triangle.

black tattoo designs (27)

28. Natural Elements

A cool design like this is for all those nature lovers. Embrace your love for the natural elements with a cool design like this one.

black tattoo designs (28)

29. Egyptian Designs

A simple design like this is enough to draw someone’s eye.

black tattoo designs (29)

30. Pretty Designs

Just because it’s pretty, it doesn’t mean that it’s not hardcore too.

black tattoo designs (30)

31. Ying and Yang

A simple tattoo design that takes the Ying and Yang style to a whole new level.

black tattoo designs (31)

32. Unique Thoughts

There is clearly a story behind this unusual tattoo design.

black tattoo designs (32)

33. Cool Lines

This mesmerizing tattoo is definitely going to draw the eye to you.

black tattoo designs (33)

34. Bold Tattoos

The sleeve is a big space, so you want to make sure that you have something awesome there.

black tattoo designs (34)

35. Cool Badges

Another badge-like tattoo design that is truly unique.

black tattoo designs (35)

36. Large Floral

If you are looking for a large tattoo for your back, you can’t go wrong with a floral design.

black tattoo designs (36)

37. Scenery Lines

This is a panoramic scenery design that is pretty cool to look at.

black tattoo designs (37)

38. Geometric and Cool

This is a bold design that you are sure to love because of its geometric elements.

black tattoo designs (38)

39. Lighthouse Designs

A bold lighthouse design that fits inside a drop.

black tattoo designs (39)

40. Planets

If you are a fan of astrology, then maybe getting a galaxy design is what you’re looking for.

black tattoo designs (40)

41. Moth Designs

Moths are surprisingly a popular tattoo design.

black tattoo designs (41)

42. Cat Designs

If you want to show your love for cats, then try this cool design that looks more like a painting.

black tattoo designs (42)

43. Fun Styles

This fun tattoo design is unique and hardcore.

black tattoo designs (43)

44. White Ink Elements

The thing that makes these tattoo designs stand out so much is the white ink against the black. This cool design is not only hardcore, but it’s a little elegant as well.

black tattoo designs (44)

45. Cool Florals

Represent your love for florals with this amazing flower design.

black tattoo designs (45)

46. Tabby Cat

This cute cat picture is a great addition to a back tattoo. It’s simple and small and could be put anywhere.

black tattoo designs (46)

47. Amazing Flowers

This is a cool tattoo design for someone who doesn’t want just any tattoo design. It’s a breathtaking image.

black tattoo designs (47)

48. Cool Blacks

This is another dark design that is sure to pop. If you are looking for a matching style, then this is the one for you.

black tattoo designs (48)

49. Cool Cats

This cool design is almost cartoonish. If you are looking for a bold design that is all about your love for cats, then try this style out.

black tattoo designs (49)

50. Lotus Flowers

The lotus flowers are popular tattoos because if how unique they look.

black tattoo designs (50)

51. Stunning Geometrics

This is another geometric designs and the perfection of these designs is what makes them so breathtaking to look at. If you want something that everyone is going to be talking about, then this is the tattoo for you.

black tattoo designs (51)

52. Unique Skulls

How can you not love this cool skull tattoo? It’s unique and it’s sure to draw the eye.

black tattoo designs (52)

53. Bold Lines

This is another sleeve design that is dark and mysterious.

black tattoo designs (53)

54. Skeleton Designs

Usually, when a skull is surrounded by a halo of flowers, it represents a death. But you may also just like skeletons.

black tattoo designs (54)

55. Love of Pets

Some people get paw prints to represent the love of a pet that they have or of a pet that passed away.

black tattoo designs (55)

56. Sexy Styles

This tattoo is just an outline of flowers, but that’s all she needs to create a sexy ribcage design.

black tattoo designs (56)

57. Bracelet Designs

A cool design like this is sweet and simple.

black tattoo designs (57)

58. Heart Tattoos

A cool design like this one has a lot of detail and it’s a unique way to represent the heart.

black tattoo designs (58)

59. Tree of Life

Tree of Life tattoos are always cool images.

black tattoo designs (59)

60. Mermaid Styles

If you are a fan of sea creatures and mermaids, then you are sure to love a tattoo style like this one.

black tattoo designs (60)

61. Cool Designing

A fun style that looks great on the arm.

black tattoo designs (61)

62. Fun Characters

A great style that has a fun cartoon character in it. There are detailed flowers as well as a fun character.

black tattoo designs (62)

63. Deer Designs

A bold design that fits uniquely right on the finger.

black tattoo designs (63)

64. Amazing Art

A rather large design that has many different elements that cover the entire back.

black tattoo designs (64)

65. Moon Tears

You might be asking yourself why this moon is so sad?

black tattoo designs (65)

66. Cool Trees

This cool tree design is perfect for people who love outdoors and the nature.

black tattoo designs (66)

67. Cool Design Ideas

A very cool design that is bold and eye-catching. Try out this design and you are sure to blow everyone away.

black tattoo designs (67)

68. Fun Styling

A great style like this is beautiful and unique. You can’t go wrong with a lotus flower.

black tattoo designs (68)

69. Leg Designs

If you are looking for a cool new design, then you just found it. It’s a great design that covers your entire leg. Try this out for your next tattoo design.

black tattoo designs (69)

70. Hand Designs

The two designs are very different on each hand. There is much more detail on one or the other. If you want to make an impression, then try this style out.

black tattoo designs (70)

71. Detailed Bear Designs

Who doesn’t love bears? This style is very detailed so that it makes for a realistic tattoo. If you want a wildlife tattoo, then here it is.

black tattoo designs (71)

72. Unique Tattoos

A unique design that has some bold and mysterious elements to it.

black tattoo designs (72)

73. Wing Designs

Wings in all forms are very popular tattoo ideas.

black tattoo designs (73)

74. Sleeve Florals

Sleeve designs are so popular and this style is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

black tattoo designs (74)

75. Spider Designs

This bold design is a little dark and has some creepy elements to it. The spiders all over the hand are a bold image.

black tattoo designs (75)

76. Sightless Images

This is another unique design that is bold and wonderful.

black tattoo designs (76)

77. Leaf Design

This cool design is a unique form of a leaf tattoo.

black tattoo designs (77)

78. Evergreen Tattoo

It’s a tall tree that goes the length of the arm. It’s a great style that takes up the whole arm.

black tattoo designs (78)

79. Cartoon Styles

These are foot tattoos that have cartoon images on them.

black tattoo designs (79)

80. Dark and Detailed

A stunning sleeve tattoo that has a bold and fierce wolf design on it. If you want a dark design that is hardcore and badass, then this is the style for you.

black tattoo designs (80)

81. Geometric Deers

This is probably the coolest geometric tattoo design that has a lot of different elements to it. There are different animals throughout the style that make this unique.

black tattoo designs (81)

82. Circular Tattoos

A circle tattoo design that has a great summer image that anyone would enjoy.

black tattoo designs (82)

83. Thread Games

This is a chest design that brings back memories of a fun childhood game that we probably all played.

black tattoo designs (83)

84. Bold Mermaids

This mermaid style is full of bones. It’s definitely a unique tattoo if you love mermaids.

black tattoo designs (84)

85. Floral Fun

Another sleeve design that has beautiful flowers.

black tattoo designs (85)

86. Legging Designs

A great tattoo design that is so unique. These tattoos look like they are stylish leggings. The design is detailed and unique. If you want an interesting design that is sure to draw the eye, then this is the one for you.

black tattoo designs (86)

87. Under the Breast

The under the breast tattoos are very popular right now. This insect sits perfectly in place.

black tattoo designs (87)

88. Fun Florals

A great floral design that sits under the breast.

black tattoo designs (88)

89. Bone Designs

Seriously, you don’t get much more badass and hardcore than these bone tattoo designs. They are cool and they sit nicely on both arms. If you want a cool design, then this is the tattoo for you.

black tattoo designs (89)

90. Sign Language

A simple design that tells a story all your own.

black tattoo designs (90)

91. Dark Imaging

If you are looking for a tattoo design that is a little creepy, then you won’t find a better tattoo design than this.

black tattoo designs (91)

92. UFO Designs

If you love the alien world, then you are sure to love this tattoo design.

black tattoo designs (92)

93. Mysterious Forest

A great style that has some bold images right in the circle.

black tattoo designs (93)

94. Stunning Owls

How could we not love this stunning image? It’s breathtaking because of the uniqueness and detail.


black tattoo designs (95)

95. Locked Images

A unique look that has a lot of mystery to it.

black tattoo designs (96)

96. Skull Designs

A stunning skull design that is hardcore and unique.

black tattoo designs (97)

97. Cool Messages

There are so many cool tattoos on this sleeve design.

black tattoo designs (98)

98. Scary Designs

If you are looking for a scary tattoo that gives you an idea of the dark side, then this is the tattoo for you.

black tattoo designs (99)

99. Simple Styles

Get a simple tattoo design that is one of a kind, like this one.

black tattoo designs (100)

100. Neck Designs

A bold look that fits on the back of the head.

black tattoo designs (101)












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